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Feature: Booster Tea

This brew of soul-soothing and stimulating goodness in a cup, is loaded with nutrients that will help strengthen your immune system. This boost fortifies the body to fight off certain inflammations and may even ward off certain minor infections and colds. Our Teas are professionally blended by “Tea Connoisseurs.”...

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Feature: Elevation Tea

Elevation Tea is a wholesome blend which invigorates and balances your energy while enlightening your day. Cures an afternoon slump and leaves you feeling energized without the side effect of caffeine. This tea is a wake-up tea, good for the morning. Our Teas are professionally blended by “Tea Connoisseurs.”...

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Feature: Sweet Orange Essential Oils

Did you know that our Sweet Orange Essential Oils will improve your mood and reduce stress? Just 5 minutes of exposure to diffused sweet orange oil can alter your mood and enhance motivation, relaxation, and mental clarity reducing the feeling of anxiety. Treats some skin conditions such as acne....

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Feature: Harmony Tea

Catnip and Valerian are some plants used in our Harmony tea. Catnip can have a calming effect on the body because it contains nepetalactone, which is like the valepotriates found in valerian, commonly used as a herbal sedative. They can improve relaxation, which may boost mood and reduce nervousness, anxiety,...

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