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Our herbs are sustainably harvested and or organically grown, handpicked and naturally dried. Learn More
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We find pleasure in introducing people to new herbal teas and teaching them about the pleasures and the goodness of it.

Our Tea

Our tea was inspired by a yearning for well-rested, more focused, spirited, yet serene feeling. The need to have some wind-down time and take some quality time for us as a welcome alternative respite from modern life, obviating the need for clinical prescriptions.

Our herbs are sustainably harvested and organically grown, handpicked and naturally dried. No preservatives or additives. No herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides are used on or around the area where our herbs are grown or picked. We are as good as the tea we brew.

Our Farmers & Partners

Our teas are hand-picked, ethically wildcrafted, and hand packed with love. Caffeine free, no additives or preservatives. Harvested from the wilds of Canada. 100% made in ONTARIO. 

About Us

The Name “Amani Lala” is of Bantu origin, precisely Kiswahili, the language of the  Swahili people in Africa. “AMANI” means PEACEFUL, and LALA means SLEEP. AMANI LALA (PEACEFUL SLEEP) in other words THE SYMPHONY OF SLEEP.

We are passionate about bringing joy, peace and balance to a busy world with the most innovative sleep products designed to resolve real customer needs to help improve their quality of life through sleep.

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Welcome to Amani Lala!

Our initial business idea in 2019 was to create a website to sell pajamas for children with sleep struggles. That was before the Corona...


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Feature: Harmony Tea

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