Our initial business idea in 2019 was to create a website to sell pajamas for children with sleep struggles. That was before the Corona Virus pandemic. When the pandemic hit hard leading to a global lockdown. Schools and all playgrounds were closed too, and parents had to work remotely too.

As a mother of three, homeschooling two kindergartners and simultaneously taking care of a toddler while struggling to cope with a 9 to 5 job five days a week, all these made me feel harried and stressed at the end of each day. As one day was always rolling into the next.

That is how I started finding out about herbs that could remedy the mood swings, cranky and grumpy mood. I was sleep deprived and I knew that if I could get some quality sleep, I be, happier and friendlier. I went on a hunt for natural remedy from mother nature, I was in search of products that ameliorate my quality of sleep. Simple products from the earth independent of clinical prescription. And nature smiled back at me with the most precious herbs found in the wilds of Canada, without additives and preservatives.  Herbs that pampered me to sleep and woke me up with a smile. I tried out the herbs for one year and the health results were amazing, both internal and externally. Since then, friends and family have been curious to know what my secret is.  So, I decided to share this discovery with my loved ones. As my gift of love to the ones I love.

Ruth Moiwo Caspa Foleu

President and founder